Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 years ...

This was when IE was the browser of choice and Netscape Navigator was on quite a few desktops. I had been preparing for this for almost an year and in a more focussed manner for the last month or so. The previous few months were spent gathering information from people I knew and met a few more while getting this information. The last few days were spent on meeting people ( a lot of them I had not met in a long time, and some of them I had just grown apart from).

That morning I woke up and took a morning walk to the beach , which was something that I had always wanted to do but rarely did. I took a camera with me , and captured the rising sun. In the evening I went to the temple and returned home. While returning home I went to the beach again wondering if my decision was correct or not , till a statement from my mother sent a message that , it does not matter what my decision ends up at , it is the correct thing to do. In the next five years, my life would change and it would be proven that it was the correct thing to do despite the hiccups that came in the way.

Late that evening towards midnight , I walked towards an Indian Airlines Airbus from the International Terminal at Chennai to fly to Singapore from where I would be flying to San Francisco on an airline I had not heard of till I got the ticket ( EVA Air) . As I was packing my hand luggage that evening , my father dropped in a suggestion that I carry my camera to take some photographs on my way to SFO. With all the things in a my mind I thought that was a tangential suggestion, but I took it anyway. I am glad I did. I still carry my camera when I fly ... helps capture the memories better !

Its been 10 years to the date since I flew to the US to work there , and fulfill my ambition to work at a major brand name . God has been kind !!