Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why I am unhappy with the BJP

Lets face it. Here is a national party that is yet to get its act together. We are a month away from elections and here are these folks without even a clear agenda on what they are contesting on ?
Its been a known fact for the last 4 years or so that its USP AB Vajpayee would no longer be the PM candidate and it had to be Advani or someone else. The someone else was never discussed. It was to be Advani which is fine. Then, you need something beyond a PM candidate , and that's not a hate speech by a candidate who is known to come from a background of dissent and divisiveness. Neither is it a sulking senior leader who refuses to attend a meeting because a tent-wallah had been elevated to the same pedestal that he occupies.

Here is a party that claims and probably in most way represents the urban and sem-urban middle class, which
is now totally lost on what its fighting on. It should be issue and not people !! Here is a list of issues that I can think of
1. Slow pace of infrastructure development ( the NH progress is an example)
2. Instability posed by smaller regional parties
3. Simple change !!
4. Lesser tax and more accountability in spending !
5. Power situation ??